Pint Sized Plots

PINT SIZED PLOTS HELPING PEOPLE LIVING WITH DEMENTIA An aged care home in Collie has found a new way to help people living with dementia. They're using therapeutic gardening, to reduce stress and anxiety, and instead of massive gardens, they've made some pint sized plots.

Posted by GWN7 News on Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Welcome to ValleyView Residence

At ValleyView Residence

    Our “House Team Model of Care” …

… is supported by Alzheimer’s WA who have assisted us in creating a real home style environment. We are in the process of reviewing our structure and influencing our culture to facilitate a more traditional style of care. We have removed the “hospital Model” and are working towards a more enabling model of care to ensure we create meaningful connections with our residents living with dementia. Our staff are now wearing regular bright coloured clothes and adhere to our new values of Dignity, Respect, Courtesy, Compassion and Comfort.

Each of the four houses is supported by “Housemothers” who ensure the residents have their meals when they want and have clean and comfortable lounge and dining areas that have a homestyle appearance and are more traditional. Our residents living with Dementia at ValleyView benefit from a homely décor, surrounded by familiar items of furniture, comfy seating and items that encourage engagement and employment with their personal belonging’s surrounding them. Our houses look like home and most importantly feel like home. Everyone who lives here has the freedom to choose how their day goes; when to wash, when to get up, when to eat and how to spend their day. We are working towards a Household life that is “normal,” yet full of new experiences and stimulating activities.

We are proud of our changes and how we assit in providing individualised care here at ValleyView. Our Leadership Team at ValleyView are knowledgeable and passionate about ensuring we provide the best care in a happy environment.  We are keen to foster links with local people whom would be interested in supporting us in any capacity to create a positive ethos and reduce isolation and dis-engagement. Our new mission statement is to ensure that “All our services will provide the best quality care in a supportive environment relative to each person’s life journey”.

Joy Halleron, Executive Manager