Burgess House Accommodation Opened

Burgess House officially opened its doors on the 29th May 2018. The accommodation was created to give nursing students and local business employees the opportunity to have modern accommodation to stay at. The house was previously and old office and Management and the Board saw the potential this space had. The Board made the decision to name the building after our much loved Ken Burgess, who was on the Board for eight years.

“Ken was a big believer in the future and he liked change and we named it after him as a mark of respect” Joy Halleron said.

Joy contacted ECU and built a relationship with the clinical team. We look forward to working with Edith Cowan University and their lecturers.

For more information or to book this accommodation, please contact Stacey Pike on  97340222 or by email at stacey.pike@valleyview.org.au