Mission, Vision, Statement of Intent & Values

Riverview Residence Collie (inc) Vision Statement

Riverview residence aims to deliver the highest quality care services to the people of the South West Regions of WA.

Riverview Residence Collie (inc) Mission Statement

All our services will provide the best quality care in a supportive environment relative to each person’s life journey.

ValleyView Statement of Intent

At ValleyView we will be a team of people who will assist & enable our residents to live life to the fullest and will ensure that they have a true sense of purpose each and every day. Using a Person-centered approach, we will provide the best individualised care in a welcoming, safe, happy and comfortable environment.


Dignity – Is something that we take for granted as our highest value. It entitles all to
decency & excellence. It’s about love, kinship, friendship & recognition.

Respect – We demonstrate respect in all our interactions, in our behaviors and in our attitudes, intentions and overall disposition.

Courtesy – We are polite and demonstrate generosity in our social interaction towards each other.

Compassion – A demonstration of a true desire to care for other people. To help together with emotional connection.

Comfort – We accept as an indispensable aspect of our care for one and other.